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The ranty Policeman…

February 1st, 2012 · No Comments

So it happened again…

I was hosting AgChatOZ and and throughout the night people were posting totally off topic things.

Now you might say “No big deal” but those off topic tweets have the potential to sidetrack the chat, and as host (Like I was last night on the Bushfire chat) I dont want that to happen, especially when we are discussing a particular topic with special guests who we have invited on the chat to help us.
Yes I get called “the Policeman” and get Tweets/DM’s saying im spoiling the fun when I ask people to stay on topic (like I did last night) and dont get me wrong, I LOVE fun and I want AgChatOZ to be enjoyable but on Tuesday nights from 8pm a chat ON topic is held.

It isnt new, we have been doing this for over 18 months now so the question needs to be asked: Why is it so hard to stay on topic?
Is it because the topics we pick are boring? (You can fix that by suggesting a topic)
Is it you dont realise the chat is on? (Not actually an excuse now, esp if you are using the hashtag…)
Is it just that you are using technology that you dont understand? (Poor excuse, there are many people are out there, me included that know 1-2 things and are willing to help you!)
Is it just that you are rude? (Sorry, cant help with this one)

Setting up the weelky chats does take time and is actually quite a big task. If people dont want to have the weekly chat you need to inform us so we know

I think its extremly disrespectful that people who dont want to chat about the chosen topic, try to disrupt the chat.

If you are schedueleing tweets/blog posts and they are linked to your Twitter acct (STOP doing it, but thats another blog post…) dont scedule it from 8-10pm on a Tuesday night, It makes you look unprofessional and if you tweet using a Business/clients account then it reflects poorly on them as well.

If you just have to tell people something, wait until 10pm when we open the floor back up, you are more likely to get people going to your Blog/site/advertising than you are during the chat. I know thats when I can finally slow down and look at things

You dont have to be involved in every AgChatOZ, but if you are please stay on topic…

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