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The old Follow Friday

February 10th, 2012 · No Comments

So its friday again and with it on twitter comes the flood of #FF tweets that happen every week. But while a fair few people are doing it, Im not really too sure that people understand what Follow Friday was originally meant for.

It was started to highlight a few people/things once a week that people followed that they thought may be of interest to their own followers, which is similar to what people use it for today but unlike most users doing it today, it was usually done one at a time in a seprate tweet for each #FF not clumped together like you see today.

The #FF was also backed up, for example: br />20120209-171013.jpg

The tweet above included a few things:
the “#FF” tag
The name of the acount that you are recommending (@4windsvineyard)
gave a reason as to why my followers should follow them (Above is not a perfect reason, though it did save me!)
You may think someone is a really great person to follow, but when you see a tweet containing just names, not many people are going to spend the time to click on each name and find out more about them, let alone actually follow them which is what you are reccomending they do!

And if you really think that person deserves to be followed, shouldnt they deserve their own tweet explaining why??

My simple tips for a good #FF are below:

      Only do 2-3 per week, any more than that could dilute your message
      Make the tweet interesting and informative for your followers
      If you can, try to include a broad topic (Ive used “livestock” in my tweet example below)
      Say exactly why you think your followers should follow your recomendation
      Instead of saying “They like Ag” instead say something like “#FF goes to @Lynyarra723 for taking the time to explain a saleyard report & the difference between D2 & a C3. Great Livestock tweets”

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