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The importance of #client

January 16th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I like Twitter, I think its a great and quick way to communicate with each other right around the world.

I also like how twitter helps you build trust by engaging with people.

I dislike however when people use the trust they have built with followers, to flog product/services/events etc that they are paid to promote. Now I don’t mind people promoting things, lets be honest everyone needs to make money but while we are being honest, you need to be open to your twitter followers too.

If you created and account specifically for the product/services/event then I would expect for you to tweet about it and inform people, I have not trouble with that. But if you are a PR/Communications Biz or an “everyday” tweeter and you are using the trust that you have gained online to push something on me with out the disclaimer, well that’s not on.

A possible solution?
But how can we overcome the confusion of a normal recommendation from someone that genuinely thinks the service etc is a good thing to that of a product/services/event that someone is getting paid to promote? Actually its quite easy, you simply put the word “#client” at the end of your tweet. That way if you tweet something to your followers, they will know that you are open with them and it will actually build more trust between you!

I know a few business/people that are working for others and still tweeting out recommendations like they are coming from them personally when they are in fact paid to promote it.

Some may argue that they only work for companies in which they believe, which is great but I’d like to be told that straight up, not find out later.

People that wont use the tag are simply saying about themselves that they are trying to deceive the followers that they have worked to try and build up trust with, and those people loose my trust straight away

Have you come across this? Will you use the tag in your tweets if you are tweeting things on behalf of clients? Or will you continue to try and fly under the radar?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments section

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