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Revisiting #client

June 14th, 2012 · No Comments

I wrote a post back in January about the importance of being open about getting paid to promote things on Twitter.

The reason that I bring it up again is that I recently saw someone on the #agchatoz stream actually using it!

It was refreshing to see someone being open enough to say they are working for a client. That person was Ellen McNamara (@ElliePSMac) She tweeted:

While the tweet itself wasnt overly salesy or client focused, it impressed me that Ellen bothered to include the client tag at all.
While many Ag focused PR agencies are using twitter to push their messages and indeed their clients messages, not very many of them (well nearly none!) are being open enough to say who they are working for or even that they are getting paid to endorse a product/service/event at all and I just don’t understand why??
I know that I myself would trust a lot more of what they tweeted (Ag Agencies) if they put a simple disclaimer in their tweets, but in saying
that, it doesnt have to be a #client tag, it maybe that they have a current list of clients on their website that they link to on their twitter profile.

Whatever they do, they just need to be honest with me, the person they are trying to reach with their message!

I purposely dont follow a lot of Ag PR/Comms accounts because of this (And also that they actually do such a poor job of engaging with people on Social Media, remember these people are supposed to be “professional” communicators but they simply push…)

The other small thing I don’t get is that they aren’t proud to say they are working for a particular group/org/event?

They are happy enough to take money to promote things but not advertise they are doing it!

I was a lot happier knowing that Ellen had disclosed the fact that she was promoting the NBN for her clients, I actually went to the website she tweeted out, which I dont do for most other agencies, because I knew why she was promoting it


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against people making money! Im

simply against them using the trust they built online to

mislead me in to thinking a certain way. Its not a bad

thing to use the trust you have built online to promote a

certain thing, I just think you need to be honest in doing it!





















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