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It all started with a tweet

January 18th, 2012 · No Comments

To set the scene: I was at my local shopping mall on Sunday as I needed to pick up a few things, it was rather late and as I hadn’t had anything to eat for lunch a went to see what was available for a snack. As I had wisely decided to do this as many shops in the food court were shut or closing, I was left with only 1 choice and as you could probably tell it was McDonalds.
 After eating my Nugget meal deal (Large) I sent out a tweet or 2 and this is the conversation that followed:

Now I know Mike, in fact I have spoken to him on the phone about a few things and tweeted many times between ourselves so I wanted to know a bit more about where he was coming from in his tweet. I wanted to know is he was just playing around (which quite a lot of us do on twitter sometimes, myself included) or if he was genuine in his disbelief and as it turns out he was genuine. Now if Mike, who is quite a smart bloke was tweeting this, well how many others are thinking it?

Fast food isn’t something I pride my self on eating but sometimes after a day at work and I just want a slice of takeaway pizza, admittedly this may only happen once every few months but it does happen. Another time I eat fast food is when I am travelling long distances OR I haven’t eaten anything and find myself in a shopping centre food court which was the case on Sunday. While I want to make clear that I don’t do it often (once a fortnight or so) I do eat Fast Food

The main reason I do is convenience, quite simply I was there, I was hungry, they were open so I ate there.

The tweet that Mike sent next as actually the one that made me write this post, he said:

Im not sure why I started writing this post actually, maybe I feel like I disappointed Mike in my fast food admission and it wrecked the illusion he had of me and while im not sure what that illusion was, I can guarantee that it didn’t involve fast food

The point Mike made above was valid though, just a day before (on the Saturday) I was at the farmers markets in Canberra and I tweeted out some photos about the markets (post upcoming about it) and as Mike rightly pointed out it was a complete 180 degree turn. How could I go from shopping at a Farmers Market one day to eating Fast Food the next? Well the simple reason is because I was hungry. That’s all

I do try to cook a fair bit myself (all of which I eat, so I consider that a success) and I actually enjoy cooking and with that, shopping at places like the Farmers Markets. I am also starting to butcher my own meat from a full carcase, not only to learn about it, but because its a lot cheaper!

So I don’t think that im a total sell out to the industry, simply human.

I think I have a pretty good understanding of what is happening in various parts of the Ag industry and I dont think that by eating Fast Food every now and then should effect that, if I was eating it once a day then I would say it did
It also makes me wonder how many people continue eating fast food that have never been to a Farmers Market, or more sadly cook for themselves (don’t laugh, I actually think this is a quite serious problem)

The fact is, I live in a city and while I endure its downfalls I also get the benifits from doing so, one of those is 24hr fast food avaible to people, (it’s your choice as to if its a downfall or a benefit) So while I do try to cook for myself (And some certain friends that havent died from eating my cooking before) every now and then i eat fast food

I do try to be prefect, its just that im not…

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