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Getting In (Pt 1) – The Start

February 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I want to enter Agriculture as an owner and the following is the beginning of my story to “get in” to Australian Agriculture

I didnt know where to start.

In an industry that is crying out for young people to join up because the current generation of farmers are “dying on the tractor” I found it extremly hard to find some basic info on starting out in Agriculture. I would think this would be the first thing that industry groups would look at instead of having more talk fests about the “worrying” state of Australian Agriculture and the decline of young people taking up Ag Sciences (HINT, HINT!)

So I started talking, first to people I knew and then to people I talk to online about starting out and how they started (I would like to take the oppurtinity to thank all those people who have given advice and spoken to me about various things)

Most of them gave me an an answer that resembled one of the 2 below:

Ive always been a farmer, I was born on the farm and I’ll die here (This isnt helpful to me at the moment but in the future it will be and while I was born in a rural Qld town, my parents dont have a farm to let me cut my teeth on )

The next answer was:
I kind of fell in to it (Which is actually how I started in Agriculture a few years ago, but it still didnt help)

What I( really needed was a Farming 101 or an idiots (a big one) guide, so I started to research, and so begins my journey to break in to the Australian Agricultural Industry

I want to be really clear, Im not blogging about this because I want to make a ‘how to’ guide for people to follow in a classroom somewhere, it a lot simpler than that, its so I dont forget the process and what happened to me. I need to record it and I dabble a bit on the Web so I figure thats the best place for it. If you find this useful thats great, but please remember this is for me, so please dont sue if you do something and it goes wrong!

The first thing I did was have a little think, I made a list and did some sums too. I wanted to make sure I could afford this and still keep my house

The first decision I had to make was what industry to get in to & for me it was really a no brainer

I chose Cattle, The reason behind it wasnt my love of cows, simply that is was the only thing I could afford to get in to
I am youngish and I dont own any land so that ruled a fair few industries out, but I had heard of agisting so I looked in to that a bit (more on that later)

Ill be starting out with a small herd, but my aim is to make a solid base that I can build on over the coming years. Im not going in to this thinking that Im going to make a quick buck though, yes I’m going to make money (after all I believe an investment is about putting an something in and getting a return for your effort) but the investment will be a long term investment in Cattle

This is part 1 of what I hope to be quite a few stories

Do you have tips/tricks/ideas?? Let me know in the comments

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  • 1 steph // Mar 1, 2012 at 1:27 am

    holy hatbox! just found this blog, my new careers website has a whole set of pages called Agriculture 101!!!

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