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Getting In (Pt 4) – Codename Bravo

February 23rd, 2012 · 2 Comments

Below is a table of 10 different places within a 50km radius of my house in Canberra that I am considering leasing (not agisting)

Sutton Byong Lake George Wee Jasper Yass
Captains Flat Wallaroo Murrumbateman Uriarra Collector

I would prefer a long term lease of around 10 years, but I would also be happy with a 5 year lease,
The reason for it is to basicly have land when I want and to try and improve the land when I give it back, while sounding a bit greenie like, I think its acheiveable and something that I can do.

The Cattle I would own would be Beef Cattle.

The reason for the 50Km Radius? Well I want to be able to see my cattle every few days, and 50km isnt that far, around a 90min round trip really. The plan is to keep the herd quite low to start with but the aim is to build it to around 20 or so head within a 3-4 years time.

The cattle that I would be using for this project (Codename: Bravo) would be Yearlings, I thought about using Weaner Calfves but as Im not on Farm every day that may cause some issues, but I am happy to consider using them as part of the project With this project I will have a lot more hands on input in to raising the cattle.

Its not that I wouldnt in other projects I would be involved in, but I think seeing the cattle grow before your eyes, well it would just seem like I do! Now on to the future Cattle, as I mentioned above it would only be a very small herd of yearlings for this project.

As for the breed? Well Angus is the first to come to mind, The reason for this is as you drive from Canberrs (to Orange usually) all along the side of the road are signs for Angus Studs. I think the only other stud sign I have seen is one for a Hereford Stud

While I am usually doing other things rather than spotting signs on the side of the raod for Cattle Studs, it was the Angus breed that really stood out when I think back to it. The logic I am using is that is there are a few breeders in the region that have Angus then they must do ok in the Area that I am looking at them for.

Another plus is that if there are a few Studs/Farmers around that have Angus, if I need to ask some questions or need help they are more likely to know the answers of experienced the same thing before. So I think it is between Angus and Hereford (Though that might change after I spend the weekend at the Canberra Show talking to people)

I dont think that it makes sense to own a breed of cattle that no one else in the area has, especially if I need to ask for help with my herd

So that is the start of Project Bravo, More to come soon



What else do you think I should be considering in these early stages?

Do you have any info about these areas?

Do you know someone that wants to lease land?

Do you have some advice for me??

Please let me know in the comments

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  • 1 Stuart Warner // Mar 27, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Hi Sam – my 2bobs worth.
    In cases like yours a good agent will be helpful. They will know where the properties are that may be available for lease, they will be able to assist with sourcing cattle, and they will be able to assist with management. Thats a good agent. There’s lots of crap ones – so hunt around.

    Think about some other options.
    1. Buy in 20 yearling heifers, lease a bull and join them and sell them on the point of calving. You will probably put on about $300 head in 9 months – which is not too bad.

    2. Consider buying cows and calves. Larger initial outlay but you will build your herd quicker.

    3. Consider contract growing. Talk to an agent about backgrounding some steers. Talk to some of those studs about doing the same for their commercial herds.

    Dont worry about breed. Its not really all that relevant. Get good quality animals, regardless of breed that are structually sound, in good condition and fit for purpose. Breed is pretty irrelevant when it comes to profit.

    Finally find yourself a local mentor. It may be the ‘old’ farmer of the place your leasing. It may be an agent, it may be a DPI person or a local consultant. Use your considerable networks to find someone who will help you along the way.

    Good Luck

  • 2 samgrains // Mar 27, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    Cheers Stuart, Where abouts are you located? and what Stock are you currently running? My assumption being you are running stock, im sorry if I have that wrong, just that by the great answer you have provided gave that impression
    Love to hear more about what you are doing though, for my own benefit

    I feel the same way about breed, they are a good breed if I can make money off them! If I was setting up a stud that may be different, but im not!

    I do have a pretty good network, but always looking to add to it, and happy for someone smarter than me (not terribly difficult!!) to share their knowledge with me


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