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Getting In (Pt 2) – Funding

February 9th, 2012 · No Comments

So I suppose I should explain how I can afford to go in to Agriculture without sounding totally up myself.

Its no secret that I’m a web designer and Im not too bad at my job that no one will employ me so thats the source of the money.

Im also not going to mention prices in these posts unless I think they are totally necessary as prices move around so much they become useless (needless to say I will be keeping a track of every cent I spend)

Anyway before I started this venture I did some sums, basicly I wanted to make sure I could continue to live the way I do with out sacrificing anything. I did the numbers and made sure they were solid and in the end it turns out I can put a certain amount away per fortnight for the venture.

Eventually with this money saved I have a small amount to buy a few head of cattle. At the moment I’ll be buying around 7 Head, which while it is a small number, it’s one that I’m going to expand on and keep growing to what I hope to be a sizeable herd

With regard to the land, I will be agitating the land for an amount that has been pre-determined. I at first thought that not owning the land myself would be a bad think, I spoke to a few people about it (including @peeneea and @Lynyarra302, thanks guys!) who indicated that it wasn’t so bad that I didn’t own land, which was helpful as I needed a little reassurance to make sure I wasn’t going totally off the beaten track

The cattle I’m buying are beef cattle and they are a Braford cross breed. I’m trying to learn more about the breed via a few late night reading sessions and the internet. I have thought about contacting the Braford society, but I think they are more for studs and breeders, which I’m not

There is the possibility of moving in to Angus further down the track, but it won’t be this year

But what other cost factors should I be aware of? Please let me know

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