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The double-edged Sword…

August 16th, 2012 · No Comments

This is  a post I have been thinking about for a while but a tweet from Vana (@wimmerachic ) has finally made me put pen to paper.

Last night Vana Tweeted about the sponsorship of a weekly times competition by supermarket Coles, Vana tweeted:

The simple answer to all this is money!! Basically when you are putting on an event and need money to fund it you look to big business first.

I can totally understand Vana’s outrage in learning that a publication that has built up a trust with rural readers has gotten in to bed with one of the supermarket duopoly (And Vana isnt the only one, it had at least 15 ReTweets… ). But this isn’t an isolated case, so lets look at his some more.

Part of the reason that Coles have money to sponsor and tell everyone they support Australian Farmers is because they are sending those same farmers broke by not paying them a fair price for their produce (but that is another post for another time) but the fact remains, when an Ag show/event/conference need sponsorship they turn to those who have money. Its all well and good to say that they shouldn’t be accepting money from coles and the resulting PR storm that may happen because they have, I doubt there will be little more than a ripple about this.

Look at what happened when Year of the Farmer announced Woolworths as a sponsor, nothing!

They didn’t give up the millions that Woolworths reportedly gave them because of the negative publicity and people continue to talk about year of the farmer so that says to me they have accepted the involvement from the supermarket giant.

Lets look at another example: We keep hearing about big banks not lowering Agribusiness loans and keeping rates high but the Commonwealth Bank is sponsoring Agquip, again not much being said about this despite the fact that they have been the major sponsor since 1981!

Big Business and so called “Big Ag” often get criticised about their sponsorship of events and the people accepting the sponsorship get even more flack for taking the ‘tainted’ money but the fact is if we want rural areas to grow we need these Ag events/field days/conferences/ competitions /other to keep happening in rural areas. The only way that they will happen is that they get sponsorship to hold them.

I actually think people should take advantage of this!! Do you have a local event etc that could do with some money? Hit Coles and Woolworths up, ge them to fund something you are doing so you can put on an even better show

Right now they are trying to tell anyone that will listen how supportive of Aussie Farmers they are, so lets put them to the test!

Coles and Woolworths both have Community pages so get to it and get some money!


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