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I often get asked what apps I use and how many are really out there for Agriculture. The number of Agriculture Apps is growing but just because an app isnt soley focused on Ag doesnt mean it should be disregarded, below are 16* Apps that I use very often and you may even find useful too.

Twitter: An obvious choice right? While there are many other Twitter apps there, the official app allows me to tweet where ever i have service as well as enabling some other functions like photos etc

Evernote: This is an invaluble tool that is not only easy to use but compadible with iPad, iPhone, Mac Computer or a plain old PC, so no matter what your platform you can still see your notes. It is a great app when you are out and about and you want to quickly jot something down or even better take a photo of something you just cant forget.

Facebook: I like to ke3ep connected and the facebook allows me to login to my account and post photos or a status update, and while not the full version of facebook you and do a lot of things with it. I dont use Facebook nearly as much as I use Twitter now though!

Weather: There are a range of weather apps that you can download, but the one I use is called WeatherZone+, It lets me see a 7 day forcast and the current weather as well as radar maps and a few other things however it does depend on what information you want/need. Remember there is actually only one source for all the weather apps/websites on Australian weather and that is the Bureau of Meteorology!
So you need to find something that displays the info you need in a format you like.

Dragon: Dragon dictation is the app version of the well known dictation software of the same name, you can (I have) dictated emails to be written up on the go with this program and its great for getting your thoughts down if you are traveling with not much to do but think etc. It will take time to get used to your voice but dictation to the app over time will enable you to have better control over what gets written up. There is a keyboard for you to edit what is dictated before you email or save what you have said too.

Dropbox: This app is another extension of a website and a Mac/PC versions of the same software and works well between them. It lets you have access to photos, videos, documents of files where ever you are, with whatever you are using. You can even upload and classify new items to your personal dropbox (basically like having your computer hard drive accessable over the internet via a password) you can get a free account and then upgrade if you need to using the paid versions, but this really makes the office mobile

Convert: This app is not only a basic calculator but as its name suggests it can convert units within 15 different categories including Area, Force, Length and more. Its helped me out many a time when I am stuck.

Billings: This is the app version of Billings for Mac but you dont have to have the Mac version for you to use this app, it just doesnt allow full functionality. The reason I use it for is to send custom invoices to clients on the go, not just when I get back to my accounts (Which is never anyway!) It has helped me from forgeting to bill people!

CalenGoo: This app keeps me organised!! I use a google calendar to remind me of what I need to do and where I need to be and this app brings it all to my iPhone. It pops up messages on my screen and can even send reminder emails before an event. The app also allows me to add things to my calendar on the go or check my current availability which is why I use it every day.

Currency: This handy converter helps with the old question of “How much is that in my money?” With up to date current prices it can come in handy wether you are on the tractor checking prices overseas, doing a bit of online shopping overseas (and lets face it who doesnt??) or if you are actually overseas trying to bargain with the locals. You can use it without an internet connection though the prices might be a little out of date until you update them with an internet connection

iTorch4: This App does exactly what the name suggests, it turns the flash on your iPhone in to a continious light which is handy for a range of situations.

Angry Birds: If I need to waste some time be it waiting for a meeting to start or waiting for a Doctors appointment (doesnt everyone) Angry Birds is the perfect way to spend a few minutes with out too much stress on the brain, unless you keep missing…

BeeTag: A free reader for QR (Quick Response) Codes. QR Codes are appearing on everything now days and it pays to have something that can decipher them. Food products are starting to be labeled with it as are some on farm items like Chemical drums etc.

Skype: This is a great app for chatting to people all over the world or just in the next paddock as long as they have the app on their device or software on your computer, you can talk for free! You can also set up a paid account and use Skype to call landline & mobile phones which is cost effective if you call overseas often.

Banking App: By now most banks have an app as well as a mobile phone friendly (usually If I was to start an account with a new bank I would ask if the have a decent app as that is where I do the majority of my banking now. Some banks (NAB & ANZ) let you register your phone to your account and just use your pin number to access the accounts. I transfer money, pay bills, get payments and more with just my mobile now, it saves me a heap of time. If your bank hasnt got a good app, ask them why!

Ag Apps: The 16* Icon on the screen ia actually a teaser for my next post foccusing on Ag Applications for Australian Farmers but a word of warning, there arent many that make the grade…

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