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Wine adventures

December 14th, 2011 · No Comments

Ive always considered myself a Beer and Chips kind of guy, quite far away from the Wine and Cheese end of the spectrum (But equally far away from the Goon bag and 2 Minute noodles part of the spectrum too!)

But over the past 2ish years I have been drinking a lot more wine than is usual for me,

I used to drink it at office Christmas parties when I got too lazy to get another beer and they had those freezing cold ice buckets of White Wine (usually Chardonnay) on every table that usually never got drank at the party (They were usually taken home at the end of the night by the organisers, so guess which type of wine was their favorite?) It was also at these Parties where I drank quite bad Red Wine that usually wasnt over $5 a bottle, an really, it made cask wine look good, very good.

So that was the extent of my wine discovery so far…

Then I started going to Wine tastings simply due to the fact that other friends were so I thought I’d tag along (The tastings had free beer too, so I was fine for a drink) But I started to taste Wine as well, and the first thing I couldnt understand was why people would spit out perfectly good wine! I didn’t then (still dont now) as I think its a waste of good wine and yes, I know that is frowned apon but im not concerned, its not like Im a wine judge, in fact im far from it, probably better called an ‘amateur junior quaffer’ It was around this time I started to drink wine away from the tasting too.

So I have tried to learn a bit about wine, I have used my Twitter contacts again and again (I’m surprised they still respond really) Ive actually been out to the Vineyards and seen some methods of growing grapes, how they farm their land and some of the aspects of Viticulture, I attend even more tastings now, I have some* wine at home and basically now I enjoy Wine!

So why am I bothering to tell you all this? Last week a friend rang me to ask for a recommendation on Wine because I “knew stuff about Wine and Grapes and stuff”

He wasnt the only one (thought he was the only one I reccomended take a Moscato to a Steakhouse [He was trying to impress a date with his wine knowledge, not on]) But I have a heap of friends ask what they should try because the assume I know something about wine. I DON’T! Thats not modesty, simply the truth

But I do know what I like, so thats why im going to post it on my Wine page for all to see. I hope you’ll enjoy 1-2 of them at least!

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