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What next?

November 18th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Ok so youve signed up to twitter and are ready to tweet. Now STOP!

While thats a great effort (And I do really mean that) it doesnt end there, you cant go straight to tweeting before you do the next thing which is nearly as important as creating the account itself,

Because its all about you!

Now you might be like me and think “there’s nothing interesting about me” but really there is, remember no one can tell your story as good as YOU!
I like reading people’s bio’s, it’s their chance to put their best foot forward and tell me something about themselves and hopefully get me to follow them, thats right. I read through people’s bios (and the last 10-15 of their tweets) to see if I would like to follow them (i reccomend you do to) I gives me a sense of how frequently they tweet, what they are talking about but most of all the bio tells me what they are interested in and what they do. If thats blank then I havent much to go on, except the tweets and if they only have a new account then thats even worse and they probally havent tweeted yet! So I wont follow them and they have lost their chance to make an impression on me

Lets go through what you can do to make you bio a bit more follower friendly!

Below is my profile, lets have a look at it guided buy some numbers:
The first thing to be aware of is where we are, if you are already signed in to twitter you can simply type in to your address bar and then you are at your settings page which will look similar to the one below

profile pic

1: Picture – This doesnt have to be a photo of you, as you can see with my profile above but it does neet to be a picture of something, Photo of you on a tractor, a Caricature of you, maybe like me something you are interested in or maybe its a photo of your favorite cow or your Barley crop just before harvest. Whatever it is, just make sure you change it from the Egg! Its also a way to give your profile a bit of personallity and colour!

2: Name – This is just want you want to be called online, I would encourage even if the Account is for Business use to put your first name in there so that people engaging with you online feel more conected, im not sure how many times ive had to contact someone about AgChatOZ only to have a Biz name come up so I couldnt call the person I was speaking to by their name (Which I really hate!)

3: Location – This one us easy, but I would say be as specific as possible, I wouldnt just say “Australia” when you could say “Bloomfield, near Orange NSW ” Which is so much more descriptive and lets them know where you really are (Dont put your street adress in here, thats a bit too close!)

4 :Web – This is simply a place to put a link to a website/blog/facebook/Linkedin profile and you dont have to use it at all. I link to my Linkedin as I would like people to feel free to conect with me and know a bit more about what I do (The only thing I ask is that you use your Twitter name when inviting me, as sometimes I dont know who it is!) This is also the perfect place to put your business weksite

5: Bio – The MOST important part of your profile. While you have to fit it in 160 characters ith is more than enought space to tell followers about you! Its one of the things I use when Im choosing to follow someone as it tells me about them and what they are interested in! Dont just say “Farmer from Australia”, instead say “Sheep and Cattle Producer from Orange NSW. Interested in Animal welfare & I help make your Woolen socks and feed your family, Chat to me about what I do!”

Its descriptive, tell’s people where you are and what you Farm and most of all its inviting! People have questions and they are just looking for the right person to ask! If you fill in you Bio correctly people will also be able to find you useing the Twitter Search features so you might attract new followers just by having a good Bio!

6: Facebook – This is an option that allows you to post Tweets to Facebook, I dont use this option (for a few reasons) but the option is there if you want to use just 1 platform for your social media engagement

And there you have it, a short little intro as to why your bio is important

As always, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and catch me online on Twitter! (@Sam_Grains)

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  • 1 Meg // Nov 21, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Thanks Sam – looking forward to learning more from you here – good job!

  • 2 What next? | Sam_Grains | #AgChatOz | // Nov 21, 2011 at 12:59 pm

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  • 3 Helen Bassett // Jun 2, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Hi Sam,
    Great explaination thank you. I was very interested to find out about AgchatOz via an interview on Landline. It’s a great initiative, especially for city people with or without roots in the country. Current events on the land, market prices and primary production issues are also issues for city people so they can understand costs and related profits. Also what they are paying for, where it comes from and realise that as consumers they can impact and increase support of Australian produce & products by being more discerning, not only at the supper market, even buy direct.
    Thank you Sam, keep up the good work.
    Kind regards,
    Helen Bassett

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