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My Twitter Guided Wine Tour

December 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

I think its safe to say I like Twitter.

I also like visiting vineyards (among other things)

So earlier in the year I decided to combine both of these and have my own Twitter Guided Wine Tour.

I didnt know if it would work, what if the Wineries weren’t open or they weren’t using their twitter account or they just didnt want me to visit? These were the thoughts running through my mind as I started the trip.

The aim was simple, I was goint to tweet out my location and then @ reply any wineries in the ares (that I knew of) and hoped that they either they followed me or saw the @ reply and were happy for me to come out.

We started off to the east of Canberra and wer targeting the Bungendore/Lake Geaoge area wineries. I tweeted it out and a few wineries got back to me. They included @Lerida_Estate , @LarkHillWine and @MountMajuraWine . I tweeted some more but they wont be mentioned as they didnt respond, so we didnt go!

Every winery the responded in the Positive got a visit and while there were only 3, they are a fair distance apart and made for a nice half day trip to visit them all.

ALL of the wineries we visited got some money off me and all they had to do was send a (free) tweet back. Yes, they had to invest the time in Twitter to setup the account and then to monitor it, But even if they sold 1 bottle of wine because they did that, it’s paid for itself!

As this was a Twitter excercise, if a winery wasnt on twitter we didnt even consider them, as it was part of the challenge. Now there might have been wineries I didnt know in the area on twitter or some I didnt know existed (I made a full twitter list of all the wineries I know on twitter, its updated too) but in that case I would encourage them to engage more on twitter so I do know they are online. A small tip to wineries, dont make it a challenge to find your twitter profile link on your website!

The wineries also DIDN’T have to follow me, simply reply to the tweet that I sent to them

Most of all it was fun and a great way to spend a few hours!

So here is all I did to have a Twitter Guided Wine Tour:

    I Tweeted what I was doing, I did this a few days in advance (Wed arvo for Sat tour) to give them some time to respond

    Be Specific – dont just say “I want to visit Canberra Wineries” instead try “I will be in the Bungendore etc region, looking to taste some Wine” it will save you from driving out of the area you will be in and allows you to plan better for the trip

    @ reply wineries in the area you will be visiting to bring to their attention, remember they may not follow you esp if you are from out of town so try to get all the names of wineries off the Web/Twitter before you start

    Be a good guest and tweet about the your experience! take some photos, check in whatever, but my feeling is if they have bothered to tweet you back make the trip worthwhile by doing those things, you may even get something special for your effort (and make your Twitter followers jelous!!)

And if you are doing one in the Canberra Region, Tweet me an invite!! It would be great to meet up with a few more people and do it again!

Have you ever done anything like this? How did it turn out? Have any further suggestions? Let me know in the comments

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