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A guide to AgChatOZ using Tweetchat

November 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

When participating in AgChatOZ we realise it’s hard to keep track of everyone chatting at once, and thats why I’ve set out this little guide to help you a bit more. If you get stuck on something please feel free to leave a comment and ask a question or catch me on Twitter and ask

There are many ways to get involved in AgChatOZ (Twitter Website, Tweetdeck, Twitter apps to name but a few) but one of the simplest ways is through a website called Tweetchat ()

The most important part about being involved in AgChatOZ (it gets new and old users every week!) is remembering to use the hashtag #agchatoz in your tweet.
I really cant stress that enough, if you dont include #agchatoz in your tweet it wont show up for every one to see!

Luckily Tweetchat puts the tag in automaticly so you dont have to worry about it

To actually post to AgChatoz you must have a Twitter Account and be logged in via the Tweetchat site (if it is your first time you will be asked if you want to authorise tweetchat to access you info on Twitter, you must do this to use Tweetchat)

1 Address Bar – This is the site you are currently on for the chat which should be

2 Mesage box – This is there you type your tweet. You will see in the right hand corner under the signout button there is a letter count too. It only gives you 130 characters as it puts in “#agchatoz ” for you and that is 10 characters

3 Pause button – Sometimes you might like a little time to read through the tweets or maybe you need to get dinner on or look anter the kids but dont want to loose you place in AgChatOZ. You can press this button and it will stack the tweets for you until you unpause it, but be carful, if you have been away a while you might have a lot of tweets to come back to!

4/4a Refresh Speed – This controls how fast the page gets new tweets. I reccomend putting it down to every 5 seconds (The lowest it can go) to get the latest tweets, of course you can alter it to set your own pace, remembering the longer you leave it the more tweets there will be!

5/5a User control – Sometimes there are people that you always want to see tweets from and you can do this by “Featuring” the user. When that person tweets you will see a blue line next to their tweet to highlight it. You can also block users this way and their tweets will vanish from the chat and you wont see them. To use either of these options copy just the name of the tweeter (not the @ symbol) and then insert a comma so it takes effect

6 Block Retweets – If you are new to AgChatOZ or find it hard to keep up this is a box you should tick. It simply means you wont see a double up of tweets that other people think are important. While its good to see what others think sometimes you just get too many when a good point is made and you loose track. Its an easy way to just keep on to of what people are saying without the clutter

Please get in touch via a comment or Twitter if you need more help

~ Feel free to leave me a comment, if you cant see the spam picture, just enter any 6 letter/number combo in the box, and submit, it should work! ~

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